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About Bridge Financial - Products & Services

Services & Value

Bridge Financial is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients to guide them through the various stages of life as it relates to thier finances.  Every client is different in their financial circumstances so below is a list of possible solutions.

Retirement Income Strategies                    Financial Strategies

Fixed Annuities                                                         Mutual Funds

Fixed Index Annuities                                               401(k) Planning

Variable Annuities                                                    403(b) Planning

Wealth Transfer                                              Roth IRAs

Term Life Insurance                                                 SEP IRAs

Whole Life Insurance                                               Simple IRAs

Single Premium Life Insurance                                Traditional IRAs

Universal Life Insurance                                          529 College Savings Plans

Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance                       Stocks & Bonds

Individual Long-Term Care                                        Investment Advisory Platforms